This project outlines the work done in the final project for the graduate class “Advanced Power Electronics” at Northeastern University. I took this course fall 2020 taught by Professor Mahshid Amirabadi. The goal of the final project was to research and design a solution for interesting topics in power electronics. My partner and I were both interested in inverters, and so we chose to design a Photovoltaic (PV) inverter using a multilevel cascaded H-bridge topology. Our design requirements were to design a 3-phase PV inverter to output 125 kW at 480V line to line. Additionally, our designs needed to have voltage and current THD compliant with IEEE-519 standards. The following is the final report written in IEEE format:

Our report investigated two different modulation techniques: phase shifted pwm and nearest level control. These were chosen as they were most similar to the techniques that we learned in the class for single H-bridge inverters. Both topologies were simulated in PSIM using lossy switches and reactances. While we did not include maximum power point tracking in our investigation, a simple buck converter was used to regulate the simulated PV voltage into the desired step voltages.

Inverter Design Continued

Following the completion of the course on Advanced Power Electronics, I was inspired to experiment more with different H-bridge inverter modulation techniques. For this, I designed and manufactured a 3-phase H-bridge utilizing gate drivers to allow for rapid switching if needed. Here are the KiCAD files in my Github repository.

More coming soon . . .

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