Drone Piloting

From 2017 I have flown drones of all different shapes and sizes. I have flown racing quads, hexacopters, octocopters, X8 frames, DJI products, delta wings, gliders, and many more. When I first started flying, I was interested in drone racing but the sky is the limit now. Here are some old pictures and videos of some of the frames that I flew:

DJI M100 (modified with Pixhawk)
Tarot Ironman 1000 Custom (Pixhawk) with 15.5″ Props
2m Opterra Delta Wing with Solar Panels (Pixhawk)
Custom X8 7″ Propeller sUAS (Pixhawk)
DJI M600 Pro with Optical Transceiver
Intel Aero quadcopter (Pixhawk)
Custom 13″ Quadcopter (Pixhawk) “Frog V2”
Mode 2 Ghost 6″ Racing Drone
2m Opterra Delta Wing (Pixhawk)

While UAVs and Robotics are somewhat remote from what my major of study is, there is no doubt that they have carried me far and helped me explore numerous topics within Electrical and Computer Engineering.

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