I am a Research Associate at the Institute for the Wireless Internet of Things, Northeastern University, Boston. My supervisor is Prof. Tommaso Melodia. My research involves 5G networks, and a particular attention to applications with UAVs. I am currently pursuing a BSMS in Electrical Engineering with concentration in Power Systems and a Mathematics minor at Northeastern University. Here is my resume:


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L. Bertizzolo, T. X. Tran, J. Buczek, B. Balasubramanian, Y. Zhou, R. Jana, and T. Melodia, “Streaming from the Air: Enabling High Data-rate 5G Cellular Links for Drone Streaming Applications,” arXiv:2101.08681 [cs.NI] , 2021

J. Buczek and V. Ivankevych. “Practical Utility PV Multilevel Inverter Solutions,” arXiv:2101.11524 [eess.SY], 2021


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